The ready made container house for a different cafe!

The owner of this cafe is a New Zealand Chinese. She is very interested in running a coffee shop and wants to turn it into a New Zealand coffee chain.And she chose the ready made container house for her coffee shop shape.The ready made container house is very strong, with steel appearance and large transparent glass Windows, which makes the cafe look fashionable, modern and industrialized, catering to the fast pace of modern city life.

The ready made container house for a different cafe! 1


Considering the brand of the cafe, the customer also designed her own logo on the ready made container house.New Zealand is a very clean and tidy city. The blue background of the logo is very suitable for the local blue sky and white clouds.A green leaf symbolizes the idea that the boss wants to make the ready made container house cafe into a green food.The red in the middle represents her passionate heart for doing the ready made container house cafe.

The ready made container house for a different cafe! 2


After receiving the ready made container house cafe, the customer carefully added a small terrace on one side of the cafe. The wooden keel was put on the terrace to add a cashier’s place. The terrace was open to the sky.The midday sunshine passes through wooden keel, make gazebo produces very strong smooth shadow effect, make the space of the ready made container house cafe more rich.She also added a small yard in front of the ready made container house cafe, enclosed by a wooden fence, which makes the cafe look very cozy.

The ready made container house for a different cafe! 3


Now the ready made container house cafe is doing very well. Every day there are a lot of customers coming to have a good time.Ten such houses have been shipped to New Zealand at present and she has been contacted by many people who want to join her.The world will always look out for those who keep striving for their dreams.