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Expandable container homes are an innovative housing solution that utilize the structural advantages of shipping containers to achieve the perfect combination of flexibility and space efficiency through an expandable design. This kind of house is not only environmentally friendly, durable and economical, but can also be easily expanded or contracted as needed. Its flexibility makes it suitable for a variety of uses, including personal homes, holiday homes, offices and commercial premises.


Our container house have the following features:

1.The expandable container house can be made into one, two or three bedrooms. It can be also put on a trailer and moved easily.

2.The requirements for the ground are not high, and cement columns can be used as supports.You can do indoor and outdoor decoration to make the house look more beautiful.

3.Water and electricity will be finished in factory in advance,meet local standards, saving time and installation costs. The building materials are in full compliance with local building standards.

4.The installation is so easy that 6 workers can complete it in 4 hours.


Quick Smart House is one of the leading expandable container house manufacturers in China, specializing in innovative expandable container homes,such as 20ft expandable container house, 40ft expandable container house and so on. Our expandable prefab homes are designed to be functional and adaptable to meet the changing needs of contemporary living spaces.

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Quick Smart House have advanced production technology, excellent sales and technical service teams for prefabricated container house.
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