Quick Smart House-Experienced Prefabricated Container House Manufacturer Over 20 Years!


The superior stability, easy mobility and spatial flexibility of container house make it the ideal solution for anyone who needs a quick and affordable solution for homes, shops, studios and residences.


We are a container house manufacturer with over twenty years of experience, we use a combination of shipping containers of different sizes to create unique, functional and modern prefabricated home structures. We offer standard and custom container homes. Whether in the backyard, on the side of a mountain, on a construction site, etc., all designs of Quick Smart House are designed to provide customers with a comfortable and convenient living environment, while reducing delivery time and indirect costs. If you have any other questions, please contact us!

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Quick Smart House have advanced production technology, excellent sales and technical service teams for prefabricated container house.
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Contact: Zhang Bin
Tel: 13042276762
Email: Sales19@quicksmarthouse.com
WhatsApp: +8613042276762
Address: Xinglong Palace Industrial Park, Wen'an County, Langfang City, Hebei PROVINCE
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