Transformed shipping container house doesn’t have to be built!

What concerns you most about building a house?Material cost, labor cost, construction time, aesthetics? We’ll help you with all that!Look at this house down here. It was converted from a shipping container. The life of a shipping container is 30 years,this is done under extreme circumstances.So this transformed shipping container house will last at least 30 years, saving money over time.All the fittings, including water and electricity, are assembled in the factory.You just need to fix it in place and connect it to the municipal water and electricity.


Transformed shipping container house doesn’t have to be built! 1


This greatly saves labor costs and time.And the tightness of the transformed shipping container house itself, so that you do not need to worry about it will have a leak.You don’t have to worry about rusting because of its high adhesion.The materials and dimensions of the doors and Windows can be customized according to your requirements to achieve different design styles


Transformed shipping container house doesn’t have to be built! 2


Interior decorative board of transformed shipping container house we use energy-saving bamboo fiberboard as decorative board, this board does not contain formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, decoration can be directly moved in, very good protection of your health.The design and color of wall is rich and varied, can choose according to oneself prefer.If you need to change the residential address, just put transformed shipping container house on the trailer, is it very convenient?