The expandable container house adds a little fun to your life!


Home is a destination, is the harbor of the heart. It can give anyone a warm feeling.Home is not just a place to sleep, to eat,but to love.Home should not be our burden, but when we are misunderstanded to think of it, the corners of the mouth can show a smile, when working a day back here, can drive away all fatigue.Think of it only with joy and love!Yes, the expandable container house is your home for joy and happiness!


The expandable container house adds a little fun to your life! 1


You only need 3 hours to complete the expandable container house, in the process of building can let the family into the process, it is equivalent to a collective activity organized by family members, we work together to complete, the whole process is simple and happy, enhance the relationship, but also have a strong sense of honor and disgrace and the expandable container house to build the sense of achievement.


The expandable container house adds a little fun to your life! 2


You only need to spend a small amount of money to complete the house decoration, because the water and electricity of the expandable container house have been completed in advance in the factory, you can use the money saved for additional decoration, or buy a favorite gift for your lover, or a happy holiday.