The big changes in housing for the prefabricated container house

The prefabricated container house is a major revolution in the construction industry with new materials.It said goodbye to the land destruction of the brick tradition, said goodbye to the environmentally unfriendly building materials, refuse to pollute, to achieve the real green environmental protection.Kuaike prefabricated container house is in line with the current national efforts to promote the development of green building market trend.

The big changes in housing for the prefabricated container house 1


At present, the prefabricated container house has formed an industrial chain, the site has been used to the use of color steel plate activity room, but with the design, production level, more cost-effective prefabricated container house is more and more popular.As consumers become more and more aware of energy saving, low-carbon and circular economy, the revolutionary era of housing industrialization has come.Therefore, the prefabricated container house will play an important role in the future housing market.

The big changes in housing for the prefabricated container house 2


The service life of prefabricated container house is long, more than 20 years, can meet the requirements of multiple recycling;they realizes on-site installation without garbage;Lean management and standardization limit the production of waste;Good thermal insulation effect reduces the energy consumption of winter heating and summer air conditioning;The construction is noiseless, fast and does not damage the site environment. The restoration of the original site appearance when the project is removed is the real protection of the environment and the sustainable development industry in the true sense.