The Hotel Was Made of Prefabricated Container House,the Prices Is So Economic.

Our traditional hotels are usually located in the center of the city, in the busy commercial area,or in the high-rise buildings, but now we try a new hotel form, the prefabricated container house hotel.

This prefabricated container house hotel covers an area of 7000㎡, with a large circular restaurant in the middle, as well as some fitness and entertainment facilities.The circular restaurant is surrounded by guest rooms made of prefabricated container houses.Most hotels are two floor, as well as a mix of first and second floors, all with outdoor terraces.The low-slung prefabricated container houses and open terraces make it possible for people living in the hotel to fully experience the surrounding beautiful environment.

The wall of prefabricated container houses used colorful and bright color, deserve to go up white steel structure frame and transparent big glass, be in harmony with surrounding dense bush and meadow, whole atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful, let a person be in among them mood is very comfortable.Each single prefabricated container house costs $3,500, including the main house body, the frame are all galvanized steel,wall are all EPS sandwich panels,Windows are all doubled glass.The prefabricated container house includes one bathroom and one kitchen.The assembly is very flexible and convenient, can be assembled single-layer or 2-3 layers.The prefabricated container house include only takes 3 hours for 4 people to complete a house, which greatly saves time and labor costs.