The More and more popular expandable container house!

It is a great honor for the President of British 3T energy company and vice President of tianjin branch to visit our factory today.The main type of house investigated is the expandable container house.They are world-renowned energy education and training institutions, and their programs are distributed all over the world, so the selection of their education site is a very important part.Our expandable container house bring them new ideas.

The More and more popular expandable container house! 1


The expandable container house assemble convenient, the equipmentes of the house are like toilet, the kitchen have been done in advance, when the both sides of expandable container house are be opened,it can be used directly.A expandable container house can be assembled in two hours.The biggest advantage of this expandable container house for 3T group is that it is easy to move, both sides are folded up and use a 6m trailer can move it to other site, which is very convenient.


The More and more popular expandable container house! 2


This kind of expandable container house can be used for housing or office. The partition in the middle of the office can be opened to make a large space, which is very suitable for 3T group as a place for education and training.The first batch of order is to produce 10pcs expandable container houses according to their requirements. After these expandable container houses are approved by their local branch, we will become their long-term supplier, looking forward to our long-term cooperation.