The ready made container house give you a different residential experience!

The ready made container houses were done by used shipping container.The aluminum alloy doors and Windows of industrial sense are matched with the thick metal outer frame, which makes the whole ready made container houses look very modern and fashionable.The short side of the ready made container houses is completely made of glass, which makes the space more transparent.

It was designed for a French client who asked for the founder’s house to have some staggered changes of space to make it more interesting and designed.Therefore, the ready made container house was made of two 20ft containers and two 40ft containers. Two 40ft containers are placed on the top of two 20ft containers, and there is a vertical relationship between the top and the bottom.So the ground floor protrudes into a natural canopy for ready made container house.

The client requested close to nature color for ready made container house in inside,so we do them wood floor,the dinner table used a big marble board. Use fishing net as chimney, this also is a bright spot of the design.Curtain used white antependium, when there is wind to blow into the ready made container house, antependium flutters with the wind, have kind of very close to natural feeling.The overall design is that the people who live in it are very relaxed.This kind of ready made container house also gets the favour that is engaged in artistic staff more and more.