Low cost prefabricated homes turn your perspective on the house upside down!

We spend about 60% of our time living in our own house, and the suitable house can make our life interesting!Low cost prefabricated homes are the best choice.It doesn’t need a professional to assemble it. You can do it by yourself or with your friends and family.It’s a great way to enjoy building progress.It’s like building blocks.

The frame of low cost prefabricated homes is made of galvanized steel, which will not rust in wet conditions.The wall panels and roof panels are EPS sandwich panels, the material itself with thermal insulation performance.We will also add a lot of fire prevention particles in the EPS board, so the fire prevention performance is very good, and it can ensure the safety of the low cost prefabricated homes.

You can also add PVC and PU decoration materials to the exterior of the low cost prefabricated homes according to your preference, which can be selected in different styles.Although sandwich board for low cost prefabricated homes, enough to withstand the air conditioning, murals, cabinets and other hanging, according to their own needs for internal decoration.The small low cost prefabricated homes measure 3 *6m(W*L), an open bedroom and a bathroom.It can meet 1-2 people use.Generally suitable for holidays, adding living space in the yard, Low cost prefabricated homes are also very suitable for mobile house.
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