The prefabricated ready made rooms,have you ever seen?

In the designer’s eyes, waste containers can also become treasures. Look! These prefabricated ready made rooms were transformed with used shipping containers.They were made of 2pcs 20ft shipping containers.The two containers are arranged vertically, with the living room at the junction,and it is also entrance for prefabricated ready made rooms.The prefabricated ready made rooms are designed with two bathrooms, one for men and one for women.with a separate kitchen.

A large separate bedroom with a separate glass door.Bedroom design of a 600*1500mm transparent large glass.The overall color of the prefabricated ready made rooms are chosen low-key simple light gray.
The floor is chosen light gray wood floor and outdoor wallboard color act in cooperation with each other.
All interior wall panels are white,and roof panels are light blue,make whole space of prefabricated ready made rooms appears very wide, concise and elegant.

The biggest advantage of this kind of prefabricated ready made rooms is that all the decoration, the arrangement of water pipes and electricity are completed in advance in the factory. The customer can use it directly after receiving it.Significant savings in time and installation costs.We can also arrange the floor plan according to your needs and produce according to your floor plan for prefabricated ready made rooms.While you are still having trouble assembling your house, in order to buy a comfortable house for less money, please contact us immediately.