Today I would like to share with you a luxury prefab house.The Container villa, named The Lennox, was designed and built by The Australian company Container building Group.Based in Lismore, Australia, the company is a well-known container construction manufacturer in Australia.Its latest project is luxury prefab house container villas: The Lennox.First, look at some beautiful pictures.


luxury prefab house→The Lennox Container villa 1


As can be seen from video, The luxury prefab house main body is composed of five six-meter standard assemblies.The foundation, the raised metal columns, had been laid before the building began.After the container is transported to the construction site, lift the luxury prefab house directly onto it.One box, two boxes, large crane truck one after another will be transported to the container, and then by the crane lifting, exactly, until the fifth box installed.



After lifting, it is necessary to reinforce the box body. It can be seen that the video adopts the welding method.So The luxury prefab house is a semi-permanent building.After the luxury prefab house is lifted, it is time to install some other external facilities, such as a fence on the roof and a walking escalator on the side wall. Of course, to this point, only the completion of the overall structure of the luxury prefab house.What expends effort most, it is the transformation that builds main body interior space and decorate actually.It took a lot of effort to turn this huge container into a livable villa.The lifting of the five boxes took only one day, but the transformation and decoration process lasted for six weeks.


luxury prefab house→The Lennox Container villa 2


In fact, compared to the domestic traditional concrete residence decoration cycle, six weeks is not long.Decoration process video did not introduce, but from the previous experience, the luxury prefab house decoration mainly contains several parts: building energy saving transformation, space re-layout control, water and electricity pipeline network control, furniture appliances enter the field.Take a look at The new luxury prefab house.Life is full of creativity.Have you ever thought about owning a luxury prefab house of your own?It doesn’t have to be big, it has to be comfortable;It doesn’t need to be luxurious, it just needs a big bed, it doesn’t need to be built on the beach, it just needs to be able to see the stars!