Prefab container homes embellish the barracks, add warmth to the barracks!

Prefab container homes itself have the advantage of flexibility and convenience, high prefabrication, quick installation, convenient transportation, can be dismantled, moved, recombination, light steel for the framework, color steel sandwich plate of prefab container homes for the enclosure material, bolt connection.Strong structure, waterproof, moisture-proof and shockproof, convenient transportation, can be lifted as a whole, also can be disassembled and packed for transportation.Prefab container homes are very suitable for field work and mobility of the office, living places.Such as oil fields, mines, military, railway construction and so on.


Prefab container homes embellish the barracks, add warmth to the barracks! 1


The 6M* 2.4m standard prefab container homes are used for the project of container housing in this camp. The frame is made of high-quality steel, stable and firm, with good anti-seismic performance and special paint is applied on the surface.Prefab container homes top cover plate adopts 360° bite design, strict waterproof.The wall is made of sandwich board, the surface is sprayed with special camouflage pattern, the heat insulation effect is excellent, the appearance of prefab container homes is beautiful.All designs are in line with national standards, strong and durable.


Prefab container homes


In the past, only tents could be used to build large-scale camps in mountainous areas, gobi mountains and other sites with poor natural conditions and unsuitable for construction. However, tents had short service cycles, poor insulation performance and were not strong.Now, prefab container homes solve all the problems, factory production, overall transportation, with a simple foundation can quickly build a few thousand square meters of camp.