The prefab house for sale,No more agonizing over building!

The person who want to build a room now is very much, but everybody knows to build a room to apply for approval to have index above all, still need to do a lot of formalities, can run down really too not easy.Do not have method to build a house to need to apply for approval?Just give me a container and turn it into a beautiful house in minutes.and it is prefab house for sale.


The prefab house for sale


1.Buy a container, ordinary people with second-hand is ok.The price of second-hand container is around 1500-2000$.

2.Design the Windows in the prefab house according to the design drawings.

3.Workers make cutting modifications according to the drawings.

4.Carry out the house decoration, install the glass door, sound insulation layer.

5.Transformed interior space of prefab house, with bathroom(shower,toilet,basin).The ground uses ceramic tile of design and color, can choose according to client requirement.The walls are covered with waterproof wallpaper for prefab house.


The prefab house for sale


6.A small bedroom, because have all round vitreous daylighting, won’t appear depressive.

7.Kitchen and table.All the water pipes are hidden in the wall or the foundation to make the space cleaner.


prefab house


Do you want such a beautiful prefab house?Cost advantage over traditional housing is still obvious.