How advanced is China’s Zero Energy housing? 1

“Zero Energy housing goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save human energy.

This kind of house, under any climate conditions through the scientific design of housing, scientific material selection,

To make indoor natural temperature close to or remain in the human body comfortable temperature 15 ℃ to 26 ℃ range,

So as to provide a healthy, comfortable, environmental – friendly living space for residents.In other words, this kind of building basically doesn’t consume coal, oil,

In the case of non-renewable energy, such as electricity, it can maintain the normal living needs of the house.

How advanced is China’s Zero Energy housing? 2

What’s so special about this house and the buildings in general?

Let’s take Mr. Wang’s house in the northeast as an example.

House a total construction area of 300 ㎡, the total cost of $522500, is a two and a half layer of monomer building, living 3 generation of eight people,

1. Do not use electricity from power companies;2. No gas;3.No CO2 emissions

How advanced is China’s Zero Energy housing? 3

How does this house achieve zero energy consumption?

1. Solar power generation system is adopted in the whole house, and solar LCD panels are installed on the roof. Besides ensuring indoor power supply, hot water can be burned.

This is because the solar reception system on the roof is converted into two parts, one is the power generation system, one is the heating system, and there is a solar water supply system behind the house.

This system not only ensures the hot water supply in the home, but also ensures the heating of the home.Use 42 degrees of hot water for the radiator.

But it ensures that everything from the kitchen to the bathroom, especially the shower, is heated by solar heating.