A Shipping Container has been transformed into prefabricated ready made rooms!

In the eyes of architectural designers, waste containers can make them magical, which is also a powerful tool for architects to give full play to their design talents and turn waste into treasure.This prefabricated ready made rooms is a good sample.

The interior of prefabricated ready made rooms contains one bedroom, one bathroom, and an open kitchen.The wall of the house used white ecological wood decorate board, pull big dimensional effect from the vision , also appear interior is cleaner.The roof and floor of prefabricated ready made rooms are decorated with dark gray wood grain board, the same color, increase the sense of unity, and the wood grain gives a person a kind of close to nature, warm feeling.

The water and electricity of the prefabricated ready made rooms are embedded in the wall, which is very clean on the wall, and the electricity distribution is in line with the local standard of the customer.The overall decoration of the prefabricated ready made rooms is exquisite Is very elaborate, besides assuring house host basic use function, also show the high quality life that shows house host adequately and grade.The biggest advantage of this kind of prefabricated ready made rooms is to carry the bag to live, saving installation cost and time.