Storage container assistant with different colors!

Storage containers are mainly used to store idle items, tools and equipment at home and children’s toys.It’s small, doesn’t take up too much space.The frame of the Storage container house is c-shaped steel, the base is galvanized square pipe and cement fiber board, the structure is very strong ,the ground base has forklift hole, so it is easy to move.


Storage container assistant with different colors! 1


The Storage container wall is made of galvanized steel plate with thickness of 0.4-0.6mm according to customer’s requirements.The Storage container are different colors to choose from.Wall panels can be folded or assembled on site.This kind of The Storage container is light in weight and can be carried easily by 2-4 people on each wall, saving the cost of hoisting.


Storage container assistant with different colors! 2


The roof of Storage container uses EPS sandwich board, which has a good effect of sealing and heat insulation.The wallboard and foundation roof are bolted together so that they are not only strong but also easy to remove.The Storage container house has stainless steel vents, which help to ventilate and protect the inside from corrosion.The short side of the Storage container house has double open steel door, it is so durable.


Storage container assistant with different colors! 3


This kind of small Storage container house has been exported to Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand in large quantities.Its small, light, practical by the customer’s approval.This kind of Storage container house can hold 15 units in a 40-foot high cabinet, which greatly saves the transportation cost.Are you interested in this kind of small Storage container house? Please contact us.