Low cost prefabricate house built in the mountains!

At first, the client came to us and said the house needed to be transported to the mountain, so the house have to be easy to assemble.Therefore, we recommend this kind of low cost prefabricate house with splicing foundation, which is very convenient for assembly. A low cost prefabricate house with 30㎡ can be finished in about 3 days according to our drawings and installation instruction.

Due to the frequent rain in the local area, the structure of the low cost prefabricate house needs good corrosion resistance. All our structures are made of galvanized steel, and three times of anti-rust paint is sprayed on the galvanized steel, so the anti-corrosion property of low cost prefabricate house is very good.There will be seals and molding around the low cost prefabricate house to keep it from leaking.

The customer required to control the cost,so we choose 75mm EPS sandwich panels,the installation is very easy,the price is lower.The Windows and doors of low cost prefabricate house are all PVC material,It’s sturdy and cheap.In order to arrange the pipes for later maintenance, the client erected the house above the concrete pillars.That’s a very good idea.The low cost prefabricate house also has an outdoor terrace where you can drink coffee, chat and enjoy the fresh air of nature.