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The rock wool sandwich panel insulation stone wool is made from rock, making it naturally durable and stable over the lifetime of a building. As the unique physical structure, rock wool panel is not affected by changes in temperature or humidity. This means the owner can create a pleasant and stable temperature year after year, while saving energy and money for cooling/heating.


Have you ever seen rock burn? Neither have we. Rock Wool Panel Products are rated non-combustible. Basalt stone wool adopted to Sandwich Panels is fire-protecting insulation material, it's fibres’ resistance to high temperatures, will limit the buildings to fire or spread. Using Rock wool sandwich panel will improve the building's fireproof


Sound is tough to get through rock. Rock wool sandwiched panels are amongst the most effective acoustic insulation used in construction. Installing Rock wool panel provides a real reduction in external noise, our rock wool panels allow builtors to design the right acoustic environment for each space, whether it’s a workshop, concert hall, air clean room, or residential house.


Rock wool sandwich panels and accessories are produced in full accordance with the building layout drawing, it is fast  and flexible to install on the construction site. The construction period can be shortened by more than 40%. Therefore, rock wool sandwich panel is ideal for fast constructed prefabricated buildings, such as industrial warehouse, container house, prefab buildings.


Rock wool sandwich panel is produced by the automatic production machine at a constant temperature, all the raw materials and process are in strict accordance with the international quality management system. which means the quality of the product is stable, can guarantee the life time of 35 years.


Density of rockwool120-140kg/m³
Effective width1000mm
Thickness50mm, 75mm, 100mm
LengthAccording to customer's request, normal less 11.8m
ColorBlue, red, white gray,as customized
Surface MaterialGalvanized ,stainless steel, aluminum steel
Steel ThicknessNomal: 0.4-0.7mm

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