luxury prefab house add a little spice to your life!

Have you ever heard of prefab house? They are detachable.It sounds fun, and your first impression may be just fun or high-tech,cost saving and quick assembly,but it also has the advantage of improving our quality of life and emotional appeal.Let’s take a look at the luxury prefab house in the homes of German clients.Life is not just a chicken feather, but also poetry and distance.

Dark grey, black, grey series of exterior wall cement board, from the appearance of the luxury prefab house to give a person a kind of composed gentleman atmosphere feeling, bright glass with white frame, to the dark appearance to enhance the brightness, depth of strong contrast also let the appearance of the the luxury prefab house more visual impact and sense of hierarchy.

Off-white metope and floor tile, extend the color of simple but elegant from outdoors inside door, make integral style of the luxury prefab house one integrated mass.Revolving woodiness stair, saved a space already also abounded a space.The wood material instantly adds warmth to the cool tone.Also give a person a kind of sureness and sedate stay in the luxury prefab house.

Along the wooden rotating stairs to the second floor is an attic, the space is very small, just used to sleep to rest, the bottom of the stairs is the kitchen, good use of the attic below the space.Whole luxury prefab house area is very small, but the space is made full use of, whole space gives a person a kind of comfortable and sweet feeling.A lot of detail also reflected luxury prefab house host to the pursuit of high quality life.