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corrugated steel sheets

We have had a decade long of research and development into the best alloy portions for the best combination of our corrugated steel sheet. The dimensions of these sheets are as followed;

colour roof corrugated steel sheet 

  1. Width: 760mm--920mm.
  2. Thickness: 0.2mm--0.8mm.
  3. Length: according to the buys' request.

We have a high-grade quality of stainless steel profile and stainless steel alloys.

Detailed Product Description:

StandardGB, JIS, ASTM
Lengthaccording to customers’ request
Colouraccording to RAL standard

This plate we produced is one kind is compound material, concurrently has the steel plate and the organic material two merits. Both have the performance which the steel plate the mechanical strength and easy to take shape, and has the organic material good decoration.

Our corrugated steel sheet has the following characteristics which ensure that the quality is not compromised;

  •   Tolerance and strength: The special triple compound frame, bipolar extrude skill and handpicked raw materials make it have a better tolerance and strength than others.
  •  Compression during construction: The mat formation is very quick, and the construction expense is low.
  •  Wind resistance: 90-degree construction building elevation is very safe and reliable. No matter it is in the villa, high buildings, inland or inshore, it could resist the hurricane and earthquake. The roof system is safe and stable.
  • Rich colours: Colours picked from the best of dyes.
  • Sound insulation: The cellular material in the core could reduce the noise. Besides, it could absorb the sound. So the residences could avoid the noise intrusion.

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