Come on wuhan! Go on China! The COVID epidemic touches everyone's heart!

  In the emergency outbreak of the new type of pneumonia, wuhan, zhengzhou and other cities chose separate sites to build temporary infectious disease hospitals. The 20,000-80,000 square meters of hospitals will be completed in a few days, at critical moments, prefabricated container houses show the advantages of fast construction!     The wuhan vulcan mountain hospital and Raytheon mountain hospital were built in the form of prefabricated container houses with short time and heavy tasks.The whole prefabricated container house is composed of a number of 6m*3m modules, which, through different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions, form different functional partitions such as wards, toilets, buffer rooms, patient corridors, medical corridors and so on, basically solving the streamline and zoning problems of infectious disease hospitals.     The epidemic is heartless, people love.Knowing how dangerous wuhan is, and the countless doctors, workers and volunteers who bravely went to the affected areas to contribute their own strength. Through countless people around the clock to fight the virus, China finally brought the epidemic under control.We believe in the near future, we will walk on the road with a smile again, take off the masks, greet each other warmly, give friends and relatives a warm hug, go for China, go for wuhan!