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The luxury prefab house makes our house more welcoming, owning a home is so easy!

This luxury prefab house is for our clients in Trinidad and Tobago to live in.

At first, the client thought this kind of house was like building blocks, which was very interesting, undering our patient explanation, he decided to have a try.

When the luxury prefab house arrived at the destination, he and his friends were surprised, it was so great to buy such high quality products for so little money.

It's also very fast to assemble this luxury prefab house.The client found four friends to come and help.Firstly,fixing the foundation to the ground according to the drawing,Insert the wallboard and roof according to the label of installation instructions,then fixed the Windows and doors on walls.The main structure of the luxury prefab house was completed in about half a day.

Secondly,they began to decorate the interior, installing wooden floors and assembling suspended ceilings.Because this part of the work is more, so spend more time.Dark brown wood floor, white walls and roof, the whole interior of luxury prefab house looks very clean and tidy.

Finally is the fixed ecological wood to outdoor wallboard, the customer is very careful to fix the wooden keel on the wall, and then the painted ecological wood fixed on the keel.Gaps are left between adjacent ecological woods, so the outside of luxury prefab house looks more layered.

So far a beautiful luxury prefab house have been finished, a 30㎡ house only need 3 days to assemble, is it so easy,right?

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