Flat Pack Homes

Our flat pack homes are designed and developed according to the standard size of a shipping container. It is growing and becoming a more popular kind of modular house building.Transportation is designed in accordance with a standard ISO certified shipping container. The corner casting structure enables the container house to be lifted by a crane in the same manner as a standard shipping container.It is widely used as Site office, site living room, meeting room, dormitory, shops, toilets, storage rooms, kitchens, shower rooms, labour camps, hotels and so on. The best thing with the building of the flat pack homes is the time taken to build them, With QSH the time is reduced to few hours mostly six hours to come up with a fully functional stable home. This also reduces the cost of building with the labour time having a bigger reduction in the whole equation. Being a major pioneer into eco-friendly living and smart homes, we have not been left behind in ensuring we also contribute to eco-friendly awareness and the use environmentally friendly materials in the building of our the houses is our major milestone towards that.
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