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Most of the container homeowners always make simple mistakes and end up with a low quality and poorly designed homes. Most of the container homes for sale lack the design to propel the home to a future home status and therefore rarely have aesthetic values. These homeowners are left with the low quality old fashioned designs. A good container home is one that combines two or more shipping containers into a fully functional comfortable house. There is also the utilization of panels, corrugated iron sheets and glass wool panels to bring up a complete house. What we provide are affordable, durable and functional homes of the future perfectly suited for residence purposes. Our container homes are an evolution of beautiful modern modular architecture which is a rare combination of everything a modern home should boast of. We are conscious of the environmental factors in building a house and therefore this green building scientific technology and beautiful modern design in one complete package for a comfortable modern living. We combine the shipping containers with quality sandwich insulated panels to have a home with flame-resistant capabilities and impervious to water and so no more worrying about leaking roofs and fire flames ripping down your entire home. This is actually the future of housing with a growing concern about natural disasters like fires and brimstones which wreck wooden homes mostly. Container houses have been there for decades but the designs have always been the same old ones. This has been a major challenge for new homeowners who always think that the designs are still box-like and lack creativity. Our modern container homes for sale have designs with a great sense of new generation housing never neglecting modern creative living spaces. Thinking of a retirement home to spend with your family and loved ones, then QSH even sees further into your future with the beautiful and futuristic design that combines all the characteristics of a modern home into one low-cost durable package.
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