Container House

Norway's  beach joint container house are getting a big luxury house!The frame of the house is made of eight modular container houses, the frame of house are all galvanized steel,wall and roof are EPS sandwich panels. The exterior decoration are aluminum plates, interior ceiling is PVC plates,the floor use brunet wood. The house looks very simple, but very fashionable.

The area of house is 106㎡,include 3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms,1kitchen with dinnering room and a big opening living room.The elevation used big glass doors and windows,Make the daylighting of kitchen and sitting room very good, appear very spacious.

The installation of joint container house is so easy and quick.The foundation is flat on the ground and the pillars are strongly bolted to the foundation and roof.The wallboard is inserted into the trough in the foundation,The boards are connected by splice. Openings in doors and Windows have been reserved in advance at the factory.Switch sockets are prefabricated into wall panels. So it takes about three days to install a house with 10 people working at the same time. Save the owner of  the house a lot of time and cost.

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