Ready made container house—Just directly live in it!

It has become fashionable to turn containers into ready made container houses, but what about living?What kind of experience would it be?Let’s explore it.There area lot of cases that make container dining-room, bar, the little partner that likes to be interested can go looking.If the ready made container house is made into two or more layers, the two containers in the contact place welded firmly, this is the same as building the foundation of a house.Just using containers to build a house will be several times faster than a traditional building.

Like the design of the French window of such large area especially, connect fully, dimensional feeling is very.Living in such a big ready made container house, every day the mood is super beautiful, have.At the moment and your beloved together, every day the first sunshine shine into the time, slightly open eyes, gently kiss on her forehead, say: baby, early.How happy it must be.

The shape of ready made container house can be designed completely according to yourself mind, cover an area also need not be too big, bottom face can be built on stilts, can plant vegetable, complete green.Think of all the beautiful pictures.After the frames of ready made container house up, when the container is installed, do a good job in heat preservation, noise prevention treatment, in the exposure to the sun Yin and Yang Angle of the joint, do a good job in waterproof treatment, prevent leakage.Design your own favorite style.