Prefabricated Educational House

This portable classrooms project is a very special one compared to all our projects.We received an order from one of our clients. The clients needed us to provide a special prefab house, which is the Prefabricated educational building. Although the prefabricated educational building belongs to the same category as the prefab building, We realized that it needed some special configuration and customization, not like a regular prefab house.Considering this is part of portable classrooms, our engineers decided to use splicing to lengthen the original activity room and use the bright green color to make this classroom lively. The internal of the classroom facilities had to have bright lights and bright ceilings to give the classroom ambiance of light more so no one likes to study in a dark classroom. We chose the portable classrooms to have a lot of Windows and plenty of lighting.This is the first time we've done this new designs, and it's got a great response. Having done a number of similar projects, we have accumulated professional experience in the field of portable classrooms and educational buildings.For all the classroom buildings and any educational buildings needs with modern designs and environmentally friendly features, or if you have similar needs, we can have a professional team and products for you.
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