K-Type Prefabricated House

K-type prefabricated house is another popular construction site, and it is still one of the mainstream architectural houses in China and other areas. The construction site structures in construction site mobilization can be dining hall, dormitory, Office, WC-shower unit, praying room, social facility, warehouse-hangar, public housing and suchlike. Apart from our standard plans, special solutions in prefabricated construction site structures are also offered to our customers by our staff of engineers and architects. Each building is project designed according to static calculations which are carried out in consideration of climate conditions of the place it will be built on and afterwards the production is performed by using Hekim Panel System and Hekim Steel Carcasses Panel System details. It is possible to construct buildings at the height of 2500 mm, 3000 mm, 3500 mm with this method in which modular panels are used. Sloped roofing solutions take place in all of the buildings detailed in accordance with snow load calculations. Electrical and sanitary installations inside the building are Project designed as surface mounted or flush mounted depending on the technical features of the system used.
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